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Mode of attendance

Mode of attendance

Training of employees of private security agencies shall be carried out in accordance with the following programs:

  1. Constant regular training - sessions shall be held with the unit (group) at least 2-3 times a week in the core disciplines of combat training and service.
  2. Training courses:
  • basic course;
  • specialized courses;
  • Instructor Course.

100-hour basic course renders the necessary minimum knowledge to the staff protecting individuals, and enables them to understand what bodyguard skills should be raised to a higher level, in order to improve further their vocational training in the relevant specialized course. The program of the basic course includes the following subjects:

  • organization of the security of the protected individual;
  • protective shooting;
  • forceful counteraction to the assault on the protected individual;
  • security driving;
  • operational and technical training;
  • extreme medicine;
  • professional psychology;
  • legal aspects of professional activity;
  • professional ethics and image.

Specialized courses shall be held for all the skills included in the basic course. The duration of specialized course depends on the skill and the number of attendants.

Corporate course shall be designed for a specific legal entity, the course program shall be agreed with the management of the entity.

Master course shall be designed for management staff of structures, which is composed of units providing personal protection.

Only those employees of the security structures who were previously trained under the basic course programs and programs of 3 specialized courses can be invited to the instructor course. The main emphasis of the instructor course shall be the test of the method of teaching of a particular discipline.

All courses are of high intensity: the duration of classes is about 8-9 hours a day. Most part of the training time (70%) is the practical training.

All programs are designed by Instructors of the Academy and have no analogues in Ukraineor abroad.

Managers who send their employees for training at the Academy shall be provided with psychological and professional characteristics of each student: professional thinking and perception of an extreme situation, physical form, tactical and technical capabilities in the shooting, hand-to-hand combat, operational and technical training, skills in emergency medicine.

Students who do not have a job shall be assisted in finding employment in the security companies members of the International League of professional bodyguards.


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