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18th Open Championship of Ukraine among bodyguards

June 1, 2015 in the city of Lviv the team of the security company "ANTITERROR SECURITY GROUP" took part in the 18th Open Championship of Ukraine among bodyguards.

The aim of this championship was the popularization and the development of the sport, the improvement of the training level of bodyguards, the acquisition of practical knowledge and exchange of experience of security measures, the definition of the best teams for the participation in international championships.

The competition was attended by 18 teams of the Guard Service of MIA of Ukraine "Titan", the State Guard Department of Ukraine "Bulat", the State executive service, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the national teams of Bulgaria and Romania.

The team of the security company "ANTITERROR SECURITY GROUP" won the 3rd place.

Participants competed in the following kinds:

  • Demonstration of techniques and tactics foot support with the implementation of techniques of physical protection;
  • Demonstration of open combat techniques;
  • Shooting during the foot support;
  • High-speed shooting from different positions;
  • Shooting from the car;
  • Overcoming the obstacle course by car;
  • Search for "explosive device" in the car;
  • First aid provision and evacuation of VIPs.

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