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Participation of the team "ANTITERROR SECURITY GROUP" in the "Race of the Nation"

August 16, 2015 the team of the security company "ANTITERROR SECURITY GROUP" took part in the race with obstacles called "Race of the nation - Race of the will" in the sections "MILITARY TEAM", it was carried out at the motorcycle track "Pirogovo" (st. Krasnoznamennaya).

The aim of the competition was promoting healthy way of life, improvement of physical qualities and endurance test of participants.

The race "MILITARY TEAM" has a military character. In order to participate in it, one of elements of of clothing should be in military style. Anyone could challenge themselves, but the race was especially interesting for law enforcement officers, military personnel, security companies, rescue workers and ATO participants, and of course for those who love team races. The number of participants in a team was 5. Finish was counted for the last team member. Three fastest teams won prizes.

The team of the security company "ANTITERROR SECURITY GROUP" won honorable 3rd place.

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