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Fire training

Instructors of “Antiterror security group” together with its partners and the shot gallery “REALIST” offers the ability to study at basic, standard and group courses for fire training. Qualification of trainers and logistical base allows for training of any nature and complexity. The target environment is adapted to the specifics of different sectors of the units activity, taking into account current trends in the development of practical and tactical shooting.

Typical training program

Fundamentals of fire training:

  • Military characteristics of primary weapon, principle of operation;
  • Safety precautions when handling weapons;
  • Fundamentals of sports and tactical shooting;
  • Culture of handling weapons;
  • Fundamentals of sport shooting;
  • Fundamentals of tactical shooting.

Special shooting exercises:

  • Static shooting from different distances;
  • Shooting from different directions, from different positions;
  • Shooting from uncomfortable positions. Shooting from cover;
  • Shooting in motion;
  • One hand (weak and strong) shooting;
  • Shooting from the vehicle.

Complex-verification exercise.