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Medical training

Medical training is one of the main disciplines of training programs for all units. Instructors of «Antiterror security group” developed a special training program in view of the global trends in this area, it includes basic knowledge of medicine and tactically skillful ability of providing first aid.

Typical training plan


  • Main differences and problems of tactical medicine.
  • Types of first-aid kits, basic components.
  • Purpose of first-aid outfits.

Providing first aid:

  • Initial examination of the victim in the TSSS;
  • Ways of arrest of hemorrhage. Self-help at the injury and first aid to victims.
  • Arrest of hemorrhage using harnesses (CAT, SOFT, rubber, available means).
  • Bandage. Types and ways of use.
  • Performing complex tactical tasks.

Providing first aid in the case of shrapnel and gunshot injuries:

Tamponade of wounds. Use of hemostasis means.

Airway securing. Injuries to the chest:

  • Naso-oro-throat tube. Types, purpose and method of use;
  • Injuries to the chest;
  • Decompression needle. The reason for setting and injection method.

Ways to evacuate the wounded:

  • Evacuation of wounded by 1-2-3-4 persons by using stretchers.
  • Evacuation of wounded by car:
  • Performing complex tactical tasks.

Providing pre-medical first aid to the victim.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the case of cardiac arrest (BLS):

  • Performing complex tactical tasks.