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Contract activity maintenance

Contractual obligations at the conclusion of transactions entail a risk in dealing with contractors.

The List of risks is quite large:

  • unfair competition in the business;
  • fraud with real estate;
  • criminal actions in the sales contracts;
  • etc.

In order to minimize and avoid risks when preparing and conclusion of transactions the company "ANTITERROR SECURITY GROUP" offers the following services:

  • The service "Legal support of transactions" shall eliminate ambiguous wording and hidden risks of contractual terms;
  • The service "Bodyguard to the deal" shall eliminate possible facts of coercion from the part of unscrupulous contractors to actions undesirable for you;
  • The service "Wealth and collection security" shall eliminate risks of the loss of cash, valuables, jewelry, etc. during transportation;
  • The service "Support of cargoes" shall eliminate risks associated with the delivery of goods under the contract and the support of bulk cargoes.

In the provision of aforementioned services he following shall be used:

  • our own armored vehicles for transportation and support;
  • executive class cars for the customer’s image making;
  • professional practicing lawyers;
  • trained and experienced security guards/bodyguards;
  • dog service;
  • trained bodyguard dog.

You will be provided an individual free advice by the experts of the company "ANTITERROR SECURITY GROUP", they will take your interests into account and help you to optimize the costs of protection.


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