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Dog training center

The center trains service dogs and carries out training for dog handlers for different types and areas of dog services:

  • correction of the behavior of adult dogs;
  • obedience training for puppies;
  • general course of training (GCT);
  • dog bodyguard training;
  • dog patrol training (guard, acquisition, assault);
  • training on search of drugs and explosives, search of people;
  • selection of puppies according to your requirements;
  • initial courses for dog owners;
  • hotel for dogs.

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Trained service dogs shall be used by our dog experts for testing and protection of facilities, strengthening the rapid response teams, working out of other terrorist threats. Under the belt of our dog handlers has been work with dogs in such places as the Interior Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, State Border Service, State Customs Service, the UN peacekeeping mission in Kosovo (Yugoslavia).

More than a dozen of dogs serve in the security company “ANTITERROR SECURITY GROUP”.



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