Services and consulting in the field of security


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Installation of protective structures and elements, improvement of the security of ready-made objects

  • construction of bunkers and bomb shelters of any level of complexity (protection against falling bombs, artillery shells, radiation protection, autonomous life support system, stealth, camouflaging inputs and outputs);
  • construction of artificial obstacles on the protection site, strengthening the perimeter of the facility (fencing of any type (metal, mesh, s/b) along the perimeter of the protection site, strengthening the object perimeter fence (protection against break, climbing, digging), protection of the facility technological channels (pipes, collectors, ventilation ducts), replacement of doors, locks, installation of gratings, pasting windows with armored film);
  • strengthening the entries to the protection site – installation of technical equipment preventing unauthorized entry of vehicles to the protected area (installation of barriers, anti-ram fences, special driveways);
  • strengthening security posts (installation of armored doors, windows, organization of special protection of entrance doors from direct fire);
  • installing special security and evacuation systems (hidden tunnels, safe-rooms, evacuation system along the facade of high-rise buildings).

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