Services and consulting in the field of security


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Security alarm system and video surveillance

  • implementation of projects of technical means for enhancing the facility protection of any complexity;
  • design, installation and maintenance of perimeter and site-surveillance systems, alarm systems (of different operating principle, depending on the tasks given);
  • multi-level, non-linear systems of technical protection of the facility;
  • construction of systems for the control of the protection site access for personnel, visitors, vehicles;
  • possibility of implementing local security systems, as well as systems connected to our security path, for the immediate exit of the response team, which will eliminate the threat to the protection site;
  • lockout system of entrance doors, entrance to the site, installation of anti-ram fences;
  • development of non-standard technical solutions for security protection facilities;
  • development of threat models for individual approach to the protection of the facility by technical means;
  • development and installation of security systems for the control of water areas adjacent to the object;
  • facility protection systems sale.

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