Services and consulting in the field of security


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Security protection for individuals

  • threat analysis and collection of information, interaction with law enforcement agencies;
  • involvement of analysts and investigators;
  • formation of security groups depending on the threat (the main security squad, advanced parties, involving dog handlers, remote monitoring and security groups, enhanced rapid response team (day and night);
  • integrated security of permanent public places (places of residence, work, leisure), security of routes;
  • permanent involvement of units of technical protection of information;
  • food safety;
  • control of the state of presence of toxic, radioactive and other hazardous substances;
  • carrying out of operational and technical inspection of vehicles, surrounding area, premises in order to detect explosives and improvised explosive devices;
  • personal security of customers on water areas, inspection of water reservoir bottom and elements of underwater parts of technical structures (private piers, beaches, ships);
  • planning, organizing and carrying out security activities abroad;
  • the ability to use armored and executive-class cars;
  • constant training in core disciplines (fire, tactical and special, medical, surgical trainings, physical training, operative and counter emergency driving);
  • participation in competitions, trainings, seminars.

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